Terms and Conditions

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  • 1. All graphics, codes, animations, dolls, backgrounds, layouts, makers, and anything other material found on evince.4t.com are copyrighted material and are not to be sold, taken, copied, or anything else by you or anyone from now until the end of time, unless you have direct permission from the owner of evince.4t.com, Sara, and you must provide a link back.

    -----READ THIS PLEASE----- Let me explain something to the people that don't get this one. It means you are only allowed to copy the code given. You are not allowed to right click any image and save it. That's illegal. You are however, allowed to copy the code provided and paste it to somewhere else. Stop e-mailing me asking if you can have permission to copy and paste a code. That's what the code is there for... )

  • 2. Any material sent in to evince.4t.com becomes the property of evince.4t.com and can be used, advertised with, or put on evince.4t.com for whatever reason i want, wherever i want, for the rest of time.... (But Don't worry- i will always give those people credit ;-) !)

  • 3. Any work and/or other material send in to evince.4t.com must come from you and you only. If the work/material/whatever was stolen or for whatever reason was not made by you, it will not be accepted and you will be slapped onto the wall of shame and will remain there.

  • 4. You Agree that you will not post any:
    - Rude or Sexual Comments to me or any other 'evince user' on this site anywhere.
    - material that promotes political, social, or religious views
    - any other comments/information to be inappropriate in the eyes of the owner of evince.4t.com

  • 5. Use of any of the graphics, backgrounds, dolls, etc. you are agreeing to NOT alter the code provided to you in any way. Otherwise, you are violating the terms and WILL be reported to neopets, and your IRS and you could face time with the law.

  • 6. I realize that not all of the graphics on my site are original or that of which I created, but I am spending money with my personal paid account to host them for your use on evince.4t.com, so i do require a link back to evince.4t.com.

  • 7. By use of evince.4t.com you are agreeing that i have the privledge to eat your right arm if you steal anything. I will also steal your left shoe- In other words, don't do anything stupid, because in the long run it's not worth it :-)

    The above Terms may be changed and/or re-written by Sara (me) at anytime she wants!!

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