What Disney Villian Are You??

Ever wonder which disney villian you would be? Well, now you can finally find out!


1. You Come To School, Dressed in your a new outfit. You are so excited, because it shows off all of your great features! You walk through the doors, and to your horror, Your Arch-Rival is weaing the same exact outift!! You...
Walk up to her and offer to take off your own outift...for a price!
Run into the bathroom And Tear, cut, and rearrange your own outfit till it is even better then before. No one messes With Your Style!
Get really mad and scream in her face.
Demand that she take off her outfit right now, or you'll hurt her...
Take your pen out of your back-pack and try to stab her with it.
Cast a spell on her so she turns into an ugly frog. Ha-Ha!
Scream and attack her violently.

2. Your History Teacher announces: Pop Quiz! You...
shake your head and put on perfume.
Shake your first in his face. No One Surprises YOU with a quiz!!
get really steamed and grumble in your chair what a horrible teacher he is!!
Tackle him to the ground and demand that we have the rest of the period as free time.
Conspire a plan to make his future teaching days a living hell
try to make him a bargain...
Jump on your desk and order everyone to 'Jump the Teacher!!!'.

3. It's Friday night, and you go to this big party. The hottest guy at the party is dancing with your best friend. You...
Get really steamed and threaten to kill her if the guy doesn't dance with you.
Announce to everyone that the 'new couple' has stolen the drinks and watch as everyone attacks them.
Put an evil sleeping spell on her, and lock him in your closet. Now he will be yours!
pull your friends aside and threaten to kill her if she doesn't leave him alone.
kick him in the groin, punch her in the face, and move onto the next guy.
are totally jealous- you are Much better looking then she is!
pull your friend aside and tell her she can have him...for a price...

4. One of your friends just got the job you have wanted forever! You...
promise your friend an immediate promotion...for a price...
Attack your friend, until she agrees to give you the job.
hunt down the manager and give a presentation on why you deserve that job! then steal his money.
Stampede into the store and make up dirty rumors, so no one will ever work there again! If you go down, everyone goes down with you!
Get extremely pissed off and burst! You are so much better for the job then she is!
hire someone to ruin her first day so she gets fired, then move in to take her place.
Turn your friend into a hog and make her do your errands, while you explain to the manager that you should get the job!!

5. The school requires everyone to take a PE course. You...
tell your entire class you can convince the teacher to pass everyone...for a price...
Get angry and completely refuse to physically work for your grade.
are confused about what to turn your gym teacher into... a slimy toad, or snake... or maybe a lizard?
attack all of your teachers with vengeance. You will not be ordered around by some nobody!
take the course, but never change for gym, your clothes are way too expensive to take on and off. and sweat? Puh-Lease!
fight with your principal on how it should be your choice wheither to take gym or not!!
organize a gym-class revolution!!!

6. The big school dance is finally here- tonight!. You are...
not there. You wouldn't be caught DEAD at a dance!
there strutting your stuff and making all the girls jealous.
too busy fighting with your sibling for the tv remote.
giving the shy girl everything she wants in order to get the man of her dreams!!
there stirring up trouble between all the couples ... he he he!
there giving the pretty girl (evil) advice on ow to save her relationship. he he he ^_^
too busy sleeping at home, waiting for something *else* to happen.

7. In your spare time, you are most likely...
be in the gym, or beating somebody up....
be conjouring a plan to take over the world.
doing crafts and other *fun* activitys.
playing with your animal "friends"...
grooming yourself in front of the mirror...
trying to find out everyone's deepest darkest secrets!
singing or acting.

8. I am most comfortable wearing...
a fur coat
anything that shows off my body.
anything, it doesn't matter how i look.
something that will impress people.
the same thing i wore yesterday...
a shirt, and a pair of jeans.
anything that i wnat to wear.

9. If you could be anything in the world, you would be...
the most beautiful person in the world...
the envy of all the guys! ;-)
able to get away with whatever you wanted!
the ruler of the world...forever!
a big scary monster! grr-argh!
the king!
rich and famous...!

10. Choose the word that BEST decribes yourself (be honest!) :

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