What Type Of COKE/PEPSI are You??

What Type Of COKE/PEPSI Are You?

I'm sure everybody has a Favorite Type of Coke and/or Pepsi! Diet...Cherry...Vanilla...or Original! But how many people actually sit around and wonder: "hmm... If I Was a coke, what would i be?..." Find Out Now! LOL!

Pick A favorite Color:


Pick The Words That Best Describe You:

Sweet, Sexy, Cool
Calm, Mature, Innocent
Wild, Crazy, Funny
Original, Scheduled, Non-Conformist
Zesty, Spontaneous, Cute
Sweet, Mysterious, Deliteful
Sour, Bitter, Mean

What is your best quality?

I'm perfect the way I am
I'm mysteriously sexy.
I am soo Cute!
I am Wild and Fun!
You can learn a lot from me.
I make sure everything goes right.
I can Throw A Bangin' Party!!

In School, You Are:

Little Miss Innocent
Sweet And Sexy
The Way everyone Wants me to Be...
The Same as usual
Loud and Funny!
Quiet and Self-Controlled
Mean and Rotten

Which Song Title Do You Like Best?

"I'm Gonna Kill You Tonight"
"Same Old Dancing"
"Sweet Temptation"
"Change Is For The Better"
"I Love You For You"
"(If You Know What I Mean, I Want To)Go Down Town"
"Life is a party- I Will Never Be Normal!!"

What is one thing you Can Not Live Without:

Sharp Objects
The Computer
The opposite Sex! :)

When you go out to eat, you usually order...

The Same Thing.
Off Of the Dollar Menu
A Salad and Water
The Most Expensive thing on the Menu...
Off the Kiddie menu, so you can get a cool toy!!
Something Simple...
Anything That you can add Sugar too..

So- It's Saturday Night, What are you usually found doing?

Just hanging out with friends
Partying! YAHOOOO!
Working Out
Anything I Feel like doing.
I'm usually on a date...
Doing Something... Illegal ~_^

Where are you on Sunday Morning?

Religious Mass/Meetings
I Sleep Till noon on Sundays...
Jogging while the sun rises
Still Partying!!! Ya Ba-Bee!!!
In Jail or Running from The Authority...
Still Sleeping
JUST saying bye to your date... it was a Long Night.....

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'm Not Sure.... Let Me think About This...
The Number of Guys/Girls You Date In A Week...
My hair.
I like the way I am- wouldn't change a thing!
My Curfew... Oh, Wait- I Don't Have One!!!
My Homework- I Want Less... Much Less
Nothing- People Look Up To Me... Or Else...!

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