• I know... It's been forever. Life has taken a turn for the worst right now, everything has been piling up on me so fast... I don't get to go online everyday for as long as I used to, and I have so much work. Please understand. I really don't have time to keep current and everyday updates as I used to. Please visit the forums, I will check those when I can so i still have contact with the site, but as of right now, I don't know when the next update will be. Sorry... The graphics still work, however.

  • My server is still acting up, but it's getting better, so little by little everything is showing up again... But i am a senior in HS, and I have so many things to do, especially in the fall... I have Work, College Applications, Homework, and I am currently busy on putting together a portfolio, so I'm busy creating new graphics not only for the site, but printing out some of my other sites to show my work. I'm very busy, and I hope everyone will understand why there haven't been that many updates recently... I do have so many graphics made for the site, I just need to find the time to add them... Maybe late night tonight after work... And the adoptables are currently down, I'm going to move all of the animals over to the animations page and I have a HUGE surprise for everyone involving the adoptions, so keep checking back!!

  • OKAY LISTEN.... My site is not dysfunctional!! My image server, boomspeed.com, is going through some problems of it's own... that means most of the images that i already have on the site will not show up on my site or anywhere else. IT'S ALRIGHT... nothing has been deleted, and nothing is gone... Just give it a few days so Boomspeed can get things back in order, and then everything will show up again... and that's when i will continue making my big update... unil then I can't add anything, anyway... so that just means I get to make a whole bunch of gra[hics, and then: BIG UPDATE!!!!! LOL...keep checking back!!!

  • School starts tomorrow for me... Just to let everyone know... Lol, but today is the big day for updates... I've been working hard and here it goes... if i don't manage to update everything today, I'll be sure to keep adding things whenever i get the chance...

  • OVER 70 NEW DOLLS! And guess what: They're transparent!! CLICK HERE to get some new dolls... they're so much better than the old ones... and I'm gonna add tons of themes very soon!!

  • The memoriable... Featuring famous stars who have passed away such as: John Ritter, Richard Harris, Johnny Cash, Joe Viterelli, Tony Randall, and other celebritys.

  • Short Update... I have been doing massive school shopping, driving, and working... I just need to get back into the normal schedule, but I have tons and tons of new stuff coming... I think i'll make one HUGE update with tons of new stuff very soon, instead of spreading it out.

  • So... It's my birthday and I got my LICENCE!! I have been driving around everywhere, but I have a lot of Stuff I need to add very soon... Lol, so don't worry about a thing!! I have tons and tons of new things to add!!

  • I'm going through the site right now, getting rid of any dead links and fixing some graphics, so If you see a whole bunch of red x's, don't worry too much =] I'm also adding some new stuff in some places, so feel free to look around the site for them... I'm also going to be adding a new forum section sometime over the week for the forums!

  • Also, I have been having problems with my mailbox recently, and it doesn't give me my mail, So for the time being, please send all mail to: Ndolls@Boomspeed.com. Thank You.

  • Well, I'm back home now... vacation was fun, and now I'm back to work, lol. I will be adding some new things shortly, if not today than tomorrow... I want to get settled in first... =] Join the forums if you haven't already!!

  • I added a whole bunch of new links to the 'Misc Stuff' section... Blinking Faerie Dolls, Weekly Planners, the DONT CLICK ME joke, American Idol collection, and the John Ritter and 9/11 Memoriables. Go visit the 'Misc Stuff' to get all this stuff once again!!!

  • I am on vacation... but i got on my sisters computer... turns out she had over 250 viruses or something, so i have very limited time before everything freezes or before it starts randomly shutting down. But i managed To get the first page of user-lookups up. I hadn't realized, but i didn't upload the rest of the 30 user-lookups to my server, so The rest of them will have to wait until I get home. I will be home on August.8th... but i have no idea when I will be able to update again until then... Visit the forums, Because i do go on often, so I will be able to chat with everyone. There are already 20 members, and I am going to be adding Secret Avatars all over the website... LOOK FOR THEM!!

  • Some of you may have noticed the User-lookups page has been re-vamped, but there are no codes... I did this purposely so All i would have to do is write the code for the layouts. They will be added as soon as they can...

  • I will be gone for two weeks starting tomorrow... I will be vacationing in CT to babysit my nephew like I did last summer, as well. I do not know how often I will be able to get online, But I will try and update sometime in the duration of my trip. I'll miss everyone :-D

  • I am also adding Forum and Chat boards back to the site, So look for a link here and on the main page later today!!! I will also be making tons of icons and avatars for the forum boards, and i will hide them all over my website... YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND THEM!! Like a scavenger hunt! I will make updates when I add them, so if you would like to be a collector of them, you can xD!!

  • The Forums have been crated... There is a link on the main page, and they are

  • Music is UP!!! And here's a hint: Look at every single page of music, because I have tons and tons of songs... Almost 200, I think... They are arranged alphabetically, by the artists first name, but some got misplaced, so check both the first name and last name if you can't find someone. Enjoy. My next big project are the User-Lookups, But those might take a while because I only have one made...

  • Well, I went ahead and started fixing all the music, and I am very close to finishing the music pages. I have all of the codes written and on the page, but there are multiple pages of music (yes- tons and tons, lol- over 200 songs) And I have 2 more pages to add, so they should be up tomorrow afternoon, BUT... I am going to an Alatis Morissette/barenaked Ladies concert tomorrow night, so if they aren't up by 4:30, then they will be up on sunday. :-) Yay! Lol

  • Well, Like I promised... over 30 GUILD LAYOUTS have been added to the site!! There are many different themes to choose from, so I'm sure there is something everyone can use in their guild!! I will be adding a few more over the weekend, But over the next week my biggest working projects will be fixing and adding more MUSIC and adding the new DYNAMIC USER-LOOKUPS: VERSION 2!!! Stay Tuned...

  • Hey everyone- I have BIG news.... I have over 30 Guild Layouts Made and ready to be up on the site!! They will be located under 'Layouts'... But here's the catch: They're coming tomorrow... I only have a little while tonight... But Less than 24 hours until over 30 new and improved Guild Layouts are available!!

  • I MISSED EVERYONE SO MUCH!!! bUT i'M BACK NOW... I couldn't really get online before this, after Florida we had a lot of stuff to do around the house, and Fourth of July is a big holiday for us- my Aunt hosts a big Bar-B-Q and I usually help organize about Everything!! Lol, but I'm back. When I first tried to update my site, I realized that I had a problem with some of my graphics- you can visit the 'neopets' section for more information about that. I will be adding more User-Lookups, and I will DEBUT The Guild layouts and the Second Version of my Dynamic-Lookups. They will more than likely be added within the next 2 days, Because I am getting a job -sigh- Yes, it's true, lol- But that doesn't mean evince.4t.com will be put on the back burner!!! I love you all, and thanks for all the fanmail while I was gone!!

  • Also- I added a new site for the wall of shame.


  • Hi everyone- I've taken a short break- I was working really really hard on the site, and i kinda just wanted to drop everything. I just need some time to myself *reassuring smile* I don't know when i will update next, because painters are coming to paint our entire house, so we won't be home over the weekend long enough to be online, then next week is the last week of school, and then the dreaded *finals*. But the last day of finals i am leaving for florida!! Lol, so as you can tell i have a very busy schedule coming up.... I dont know how much time i will have for every-day updates.... Layouts and other things are coming soon, and i even created yet another form of the dynamic user-lookup i have here on the site... I'm calling them.... Dynamic Lookups II!! Lol... talk to everyone soon!!!

  • It's a shame Diana didn't win... however I won't be removing her stuff, because i am planning to add things frmo seasons 1 & 2 soon, and they will have the two finalists as well...

  • I ADDED 25 NEW BLOGS TODAY... they are very different from all the other blogs i have, because they have their own scrollbar colors, and they aren't all the same shape... which is good for variation. I will be adding more soon...


  • OK, I went through the entire site and i made a list of everything i need to either change, add, re-add, or fix on the site. For the next week or less i am going to be concentrating on this list of things. If you see something wrong with the site, than yes... I probly lready have it on my list, I will be fixing it shortly. Thank you. You can look forward to lts of updates, tho- cause i'm sick of fixing things, i wnat to move on and make more stuff :-D

  • OK, the update i've been waiting for... lol... i am fixing animations, music, and the rest of the backgrounds today... I am just getting tired of all the mail i get asking about these 3 things... i know they are messed up, I own the website... I know everything that goes on here... lol... i'll update when they're finished or closed to being finished :D
  • Alright-- animations are completed. I have one more page... the cartoon page. I accidentally deleted it when i was updating last night and i hadn't realised it. I also fixed the random paintbrush and gave it a new transparent look. It looks 100% better now. Go get one!!

  • Ok, HUGE Neopets Update today-- I added every single one of the neopet backgrounds... they are all finished!!! I also finished the fixed backgrounds pages, so those are done, too!! All of the background pages should be complete now... I will be adding more, just not at the moment- I'm going to wait a while until I add anymore...
  • I am also going to be re-doing most of the blogs I currently have on the site... But i was thinking about adding the guild layouts first...

  • I KNOW EVERYONE HAS NOTICED THE GUILD LAYOUTS ARE NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW.... That's because about a week ago i deleted all of them.... that's right. I am busy right now making more of them, and better ones... some people have been complaining they cover the guild's bar of information (the council list, guild links, guild stats, etc...) So i created a layout that will fit over them so you can still use them... It will be similar to the one i created for my guild, Simple Distractions... So keep on the lookout for them- when i finally add them (and i have about 7 made already- i wnat to add them all at once) I will post it here!

  • HEY EVERYONE!! *hugs* I'm back on track now... We just got home a little less than an hour ago... the senior prom was soo much fun! It was tons more than i expected... it's nothing like what you see in movies. Everyone's just dancing and having a good time... Matt's prom didn't have a King or Queen, which i think is a good idea, because then no one gets dissapointed the entire night. Their was one guy dressed as a pirate... YES! That's right... a pirate. Imagine Captain Hook.. and that's exactly how he looked... he had a plastic sword, a HUGE hat with a feather, buckle shoes, white stockings... the works. Let me tell ya- it took a lot of guts, i wish my date had dressed like a pirate :-) lol... that would've been awesome! Well- I am going to go work on some graphics now... I probly won't be able to add anything tonight, but i will be adding tons of stuff tomorrow- i don't know what exactly, but i'm gonna try and finished all those neopet blogs and backgrounds that have not been showing up. A lot of people have been asking for them. And i was thinking about adding a contest to the site soon... Like maybe a referal contest and then the winner gets a custom made user-lookup or guild layout or something... How would that sound??? More later, ok??

  • Ok... here's the scoop... I am not going to be able to update until next sunday... I am going to my close friend matt's prom in connecticut... we're leaving friday (tomorrow) at 11am, and i won't be able to get onto a computer until sunday... but when i get back i am going to have a HUGE update... i have been learning some new tricks over the past couple of days... and i have tons of new layouts that are coming very very soon (and they're closer than you think!!!) ~see ya!

  • I added a barbossa dynamic user-lookup a couple days ago, but the news page wouldn't let me add anything new...

  • I will be adding things at a slower pace for a fee days... school has been very busy, and i actually have a life now that i'm not online every second of the day (yes- it's still me... i just have someone that i would like to spend a little more time with... *hint hint* lol...)

  • Two new Dyanmic Lookups are up... Elizabeth Swann and William Turner from POTC are now available!!!

  • The Jack Sparrow Dynamic User-Lookup is now available!!! I am going to rush to make a Friends Dynamic User-Lookup so that everyone can have one for the final (tear) episode of friends... I may even add a Friends Shrine, but i am still thinking about it... So I don't know...


  • Hopefully my little announcement on the front page will get more people to read this section... I get countless number of neo/e-mails a day asking if i ever add anything new or if i am going to 'update soon'. Obviously that's what the NEWS section is for, right?? Lol... anyway... Backgrounds all completely finished. If you ever find a background that doesn't show a picture, it's just a white box... it's ok!! It just means i have to add more backgrounds, In which i will be doing in my *cough cough* "spare time" *cough cough* Every day. As for right now-- my main concern are guild layouts, shop layouts, and those POTC dynamic-lookups i promised. The POTC dynamic lookups will be available TODAY!! (aren't you excited??) So just keep checking back!!

  • I am going to be adding the Neopets backgrounds today, along with the new dynamic user-lookups, NEW GUILD LAYOUTS!!!, more shop layouts, and new quiz results!!! I will be adding so much more stuff- but not until later tonight (around 6pm) because i have to go somewhere. Until then-- Happy Evincing!! (LOL)

  • Well, It's 9:00, and i have to get off because 24 is about to start, but i just wanted to say backgrounds are fixed, except for a couple pages of neopets ones. All the other stuff that is new i wll add tomorrow when i have time.

  • Like i said, once the layout was finished, I was going to move onto fixing other parts of the site. The first thing i am going to tackle are the backgrounds. I have so many more that i plan on adding, and i am going to have them setup in a much easier way. They will not be in any specific order anymore(they used to be named and in alphabetical order). I will just be adding several pages of them to one big page, so if you have a background from my site, chances are the file was re-named, so you'll have to find it again and re-copy the code. Thanks for your patience everyone!!

  • Well, I fixed all the backgrounds- it has a new system now, so it will be 100 times easier when you are looking for a background. I also added all of the backgrounds i previously had on the computer, and i even made a couple more to finish some pages. The neopets backgrounds are still available, i just need to write the code for the pages, and i have to get offline for the night, so first thing tomorrow I will add the neopet backgrounds.

  • ALSO COMING TOMORROW: NEW Dynamic Guild layouts, more Dynamic User-Lookups, More shop layouts, and more quiz results!!!

  • Ok, I re-did the layout (again) Good thing i fixed it so I can easily update it, because I have over 600 pages on evince.4t.com... That would've taken forever and a day. So anyways, I have counted up the requests for a Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann Dynamic User-lookup, and would you like to know how many people requested one of these 4 lookups?? 72!!! I get the point- Sorry the layout took so long, but i will Make these 4 layouts for you, so everyone can stop requesting for them! Lol! I get it!!! Look for them either tonight or tomorrow!!!

  • Well, As you can see I finished the new layout. I don't like it. At all. I am going to change it again. I will probly do something like stars or swirls or something. But it will be purple, still.... Anyway- I also archived all the news on this page- it scrolled too long. You may have to hit refresh on each page to see the new layout for a whie, until the pictures get use to your computer, that is if you're a frequent viewer :-) Over the next couple of days I will be fixing many of the things That I find are too out-dated on the site, so keep checking here for all the completely new stuff (you guys will get it before everybody else!!) See ya in the next update!




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