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Barenaked Ladies: One Week

Beastie Boys: Fight for the right to Party

Beastie Boys: Girls

Beastie Boys: Intergalactic

Bette Midler: Wind beneath my Wings

Billy Joel: Movin' Out

Billy Joel: New York state of mind

Billy Joel: Piano Man

Billy Joel: Still Rock n' Roll to me

Billy Joel: Uptown Girl

Billy Ray Cirus: Achy Breaky Heart

Blink 182: All the Small things

Blink 182: M-Ms

Blink 182: What's my age again?

Bloodhound Gang: Bad Touch

Boys II Men: I'll Make Love To You

Bon Jovi: It's My Life

Christina Aguilera: Genie in a Bottle

Brandy: Almost Doesn't Count

Brandy: The Boy is Mine

Brian McKnight: Back to One

Britney Spears: Baby, one more Time

Britney Spears: Drive me Crazy

Britney Spears: Lucky

Britney Spears: Sometimes

Britney Spears: Toxic

Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA

Backstreet Boys: All I have to Give

Backstreet Boys: As long as you love me

Backstreet Boys: Everybody

Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life

Backstreet Boys: Never break your Heart

Backstreet Boys: Quit Playin Games With my Heart

Backstreet Boys: Show me the meaning

Backstreet Boys: We've got it Goin on

B*witched: C'est La Vie

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