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Inserting Text...

Text is one of the most essential things on a webpage! It's also one of the easiest things to do!!

You can align your text three ways on a page:

<div align=left>TO THE LEFT
<div align=center>IN THE CENTER
<div align=right>TO THE RIGHT

You don't need to close these tags!!! You can add all three to your page to create a very cool look!

Here is a list of fun things to do with text:

What you typeWhat it looks like
<b> bold text </b>bold text
<u> underline text </u>underline text
<i> italic text </i>italic text
<b><u><i>all three </i></u></b>all three

Changing Color

You can change the color of your text to almost any color imaginable!!! Just type the following tag around any text you'd like to change:

<font color="red">Your Text Here</font> ...would be... Your Text Here (and you can use any color)

Now, i will also introduce you to hexadecimal colors- which is like a big code for colors!!! Every color imaginable is represented by a 6-digit number! So, for instance, red would be #FF000, so when changing the color, you would type:

<font color="#FF0000">Your Text Here</font> ...would be... Your Text Here
<font color="#0000FF">Your Text Here</font> ...would be... Your Text Here
<font color="#FFFF00">Your Text Here</font> ...would be... Your Text Here

You can view a chart of all the colors by clicking

Changing Size
There are many sizes you can change the color of your font to... Just type the following code around the text you want to change the size of...

<font size="1">Size 1 Font</font> turns into Size 1 Font
There are up to seven different sizes:

Size 1 Font
Size 2 Font
Size 3 Font
Size 4 Font
Size 5 Font
Size 6 Font
Size 7 Font

Well, those are the basics to learning how to change your font! Go experiment! Use different tags with different colors and sizes, create your own unique style! You can now continue to step 3!

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