HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language and is the code that nearly all web pages are written in. Everything you add to the webpage you make will be in trianguler brackets: < and >, those brackets are also known as tags! When you type something in tags, It's called a COMMAND, and that tells the computer what to do! Most commands need to be ended, by putting a / right before <. If you wanted to make bold text, you would type: <b>This makes Your Text Bold</b> , and it would come out like this: This makes Your Text Bold !!!

Now- the Basics...
Every page you make needs to have the following tags:

<TITLE> The title to your page goes here</TITLE>
<BODY> Everything you add to your webpage will go between the 2 body tags</BODY>

Click here for a demo!

Ok- now you know the very basics to HTML!!!
Want to learn about text?? Then it's time to go onto page 2!!

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