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In this section, you will be shown how to change your background color, and even add a picture to your background!!! There are lots of different ways to add backgrounds...

The most easiest way to change your background color is type: <body bgcolor="#99CCFF>.

Click here for a demo!

Now, say you want to add a fun image in your background? Then the code would be a bit different...

<body background="YOUR IMAGE URL.gif>

You can also add this tag: <body background="YOUR IMAGE URL.gif" bgcolor="#99CCFF">
That tag shows a color background while the background image loads! It's cool...
Click here for a demo!

Let's say the background picture you want is bigger then the webpage, and you want it to stay still, Then you would type:

<body background="YOUR IMAGE URL.gif" bgproperties=fixed>

That lets the image stay still, and your body move up and down freely!!
Click here for a demo!

So, now you have your Basic, Font, and Background HTML down flat??
Let's move on then- step 4 here we come!

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