First of all, i would like to thank you for even coming here- it means you show respect for what i do and don't tolerate. If you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to send it in!

Do You own evince.4t.com???
Yes, I do. I own and manage the entire website by myself.

Hey! I like you site, will you make me a...
No. Sorry, but NO! I used to do requests when i actually had the time, but with school and my other activities, I get very busy. I also have a guild, and tons of other websites to look after: I don't have time to do requests for people i don't know.

What's your Name?
Sara. You can find more information about me in the 'contact' me section.

Hey! Your site Rocks! Wann be Neo-friends??
Thank you very much. I'm sorry, but I already have a very large number of neo-friends, and I have blocked them for the future.

Can you help me with html/css??
Not really, lol. I'm not good at giving personalized directions, But you can visit Lissaexplains.com or visit neopets.com/~csshelp for some really great HTML/CSS guides. If you dont understand something, or something's missing, do a web search for 'Html Tutorials'. I'm sure a professional tutorial will help you more then i can.

I was on a site, and somebody stole your work!
Thanx for your concern!! If you see anyone stealing my graphics/layout/anything, please send in the url of the page you found the stolen work. If it's a neopets user, just send me their username and where the stolen work is located.

I am on the wall of shame, but I didn't do it, I swear!
I don't just put random people on the wall of shame... You obvously did something, and I give everyone a chance to fix the problem before I add them to the wall, So the only way to avoid being on the Wall Of Shame, is not stealing my work!!!

Can you make me a "enter name here" lookup?
No. Like i said, i don't do requests anymore, they take up too much time. You can make a suggestion for the site, and I may put it up in the near future, But that's the best I can do to please everyone.

I made myself a cool "enter image name here"... now what do i do to put it on my page??
Like I said, I'm not good at giving personalized directions... visit Lissaexplains.com or visit neopets.com/~csshelp for the help you need.

I'm poor and...
Congratulations!! So am I!! I suggest playing games and earning your Nps instead of asking me for stuff.

I used one of your user-lookup sheilds but the positioning isn't right! I need help...
I have a css guide... you can use that, or if you need aditional help go to neopets.com/~Csshelp's petpage!

Can I Join your Guild?
Yes, of course! It's a guild- anybody can join!!!

My guild and your guild can be sister guilds!! Want To???
No. My guild will never be sister guilds or allies to another guild. I just don't see the point.

Will you join MY GUILD???
No, I have my own guild, and I have no intentions of ever deleting my guild- so i will never leave it for any circumstances.

How Do you make a website??
With Creativity :-) I use notepad on every page- i hand-type it, and i don't use any of those other programs. Just Practice, and keep practicing!

How do you make your graphics??
With creativity, imagination, and PSP7. Also: PRACTICE!!

Which graphic programs do you use??
For graphics/animations, I use PSP7. For making a html/css code, I use notepad.

My Pictures won't show up on my page!!
In order for a picture to show up on the internet, you need to store it on a server. I suggest boomspeed.com or Imagestash.com

How do I store my images online??
You need to store your images on a website that allows file sharing. That means the image will show up on another website. Boomspeed.com Is the best one i've found, but it is no longer free- you have to pay 6 dollars a month to use the services. Another great image hosting site is ImageStash.com. It's fairly new.

Can I use your Images on my website??
You can use any of the images that come with a copy-and-paste code, as long as you don't edit the code in any way.

If you still have a question, and it hasn't been answered in ANY of the above F.A.Q's... then go ahead and send it to me. And i wnat to thamk you again for reading my F.A.Q's... it shows respect for me, and i really appreciate it!

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